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Historical Records

Peach County:

The rise of the Elberta Peach would lead Johnson County to become a leading distributor of peaches. This would only happen after hardships presented by the economic crash leading to a drop in price of cotton.

A production of KUOZ 6 University of Ozarks | Directed by: Jake Sawyer | Featuring: Steven Morgan, Dan Chapman, Johnathan Barham (Voice of J.J. Taylor) | Cinematography: Jake Sawyer | Editing: Jake Sawyer | Editing Program: Adobe Premiere | Narrated by: Jake Sawyer | Music by: Audio Blocks | Photos Courtesy of: Johnson County Historical Society, Jerry Newton Collection, Geraldine Morgan, Karen Fawley, Phil Taylor, Encyclopedia of | Research Sources Courtesy of: Johnson County Historical Society, Polk County Public Library, Encyclopedia of | Special Thanks to: Susan Edens, Johnson County Historical Society, Steven Morgan, Geraldine Morgan, Dan Chapman

All Within 100 Feet:

A great deposit into the Clarksville Bank would lead to a robbery that would not go as planned. In 100 Feet everything took place: the robbery, the murder and the execution.

In Memory of Sheriff John Powers | A Production of University of Ozarks | Directed by: Winston Gavin Wheeler | Voice Acting: Charles Pritty - Sheriff Powers, Jakob Case - Frank Underwood, Michel Brun - George Durham | Music: Audio Blocks | Special Thanks to: Don Pennington, Mark Hodges, The Johnson County Historical Society

Inning by Inning: A Clarksville Baseball Story

After WW2 some soldiers found a life in baseball and their actions changed the community as a whole.

Film By: Jake Holland | Featuring: David Ross, Ted Young, Lonnie Qualls, Bo Funderfurk | Actors: Zach Stanley, David Beck, Tyler Vernon, Erick Aguirre, RJ Oliver, Jonah Martinez, Luke Morrison, Josh Stephens, Brady Taylor | Music: Jelly Man - Adam Vitovsky, Folk Instrumental - Hyde | Historical Video: | Special Thanks to: Cara Graham, Clarksville High School, Susan Edens, Stuart Stelzer 

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